Photo and kid friendly 3 Hours 30 Minutes Distance: 3.7 KM/2,3 Miles

Truly Rome at its best

Cross off your Rome bucket list in just a few hours! See the main gems of Rome, while enjoying a delicious, mouth-watering gelato: our welcome gift from Rome. Meet your guide at the Spanish Steps and be enchanted by water of the nearby Barcaccia fountain, or ugly boat, as the locals call it! Feel like an actor on a movie set when looking at Trevi Fountain. Are you ready to toss a coin in it to ensure that one day you will be back in Rome? Step into a time machine and visit the Pantheon, built 1,900 years ago. Take a deep breath and enjoy the marvelous dome. Be ready to be amazed by three masterpieces by Caravaggio up close. Stop and relax in Piazza Navona; a spectacular showcase of wonderful Baroque buildings and fountains. Your tour ends on the top of Capitoline Hill. From a secret spot up there, you can enjoy the most extraordinary view of the Roman Forum. Can you see the Colosseum in the distance?

Sites visited

Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Caravaggio paintings, Piazza Navona, Largo Argentina, Piazza Venezia, Capitoline Hill, view of Roman Forum and Colosseum

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Not suitable for wheelchair users

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1 pax
€ 199
2 pax
€ 117.5/p.p.
€ 235
3 pax
€ 86.6/p.p.
€ 260
4 pax
€ 70/p.p.
€ 280
5 pax
€ 60/p.p.
€ 300
6 pax
€ 52.5/p.p.
€ 315

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