Photo and child friendly 3 Hours Distance: 2.2 KM/1.3 Miles

Discover genuine Italian food

Embark on a great food tour in the lovely district of Trastevere. This enchanting neighborhood offers an excellent introduction to the best food in Rome. Led by our expert foodie guide, this tour lets you taste typical Roman specialties, as well as some homemade and fresh Italian delicacies. Start with a typically Roman refreshment called grattachecca, flavored grated ice, which will certainly stimulate your taste buds. Taste excellent buffalo mozzarella and fill your mouth with a delicious supplì, by far the favorite street food of every Roman! Enjoy a typical antipasto italiano in a grocery store that has been run by the same family since 1968! Walk through and be enchanted by the beauty of this wonderful area of Rome and taste some local pasta. Choose your pasta all’amatriciana or your pasta alla carbonara and end your foodie adventure with an excellent gelato!

Important notes

Please let us know in advance of any dietary requirements or allergies and we will adjust the food tour to suit your needs.

Food tasted

Grattachecca (grated ice), Supplì, Italian appetizer (ham, cheese, olives, dried tomatoes, salami), local pastas, ice cream


Not suitable for wheelchair users

Professional guide

Engaging and expert foodie guide for you

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Pricing Chart

1 pax
€ 229
2 pax
€ 145/p.p.
€ 290
3 pax
€ 110/p.p.
€ 330
4 pax
€ 95/p.p.
€ 380
5 pax
€ 85/p.p.
€ 425
6 pax
€ 75/p.p.
€ 450

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