Photo and child friendly 3 Hours Distance: 2.3 KM/1.4 Miles

The most authentic neighborhood in Rome

Your visit to Rome is not complete without wandering through the narrow cobbled streets and piazzas of this lovely district. Get the chance to taste the local street food speciality, a delicious supplì. Don’t worry, it’s on us! Meet your guide in the square of Tiberina Island. Discover the invisible, medieval, tiny church of San Benedetto. Pass through narrow streets filled with local artisan shops and see Santa Cecilia, one of the local gems of this area. Be inspired by a memorable statue by Bernini in the church of San Francesco. Relax while tasting a mouth-watering supplì! Visit the fabulous church of Santa Maria in Trastevere. After crossing tiny piazzas and narrow alleys, end the tour with a visit to one of the lesser known gems of Rome: the Renaissance Villa Farnesina, home to frescoes of Raphael and his school. There cannot be a more beautiful end to this charming tour!

Sites visited

Tiberina Island, San Benedetto Church, Santa Cecilia Church, San Francesco Church, Santa Maria in Trastevere, Villa Farnesina (inside)


Not suitable for wheelchair users

Professional guide

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1 pax
€ 199
2 pax
€ 105/p.p.
€ 210
3 pax
€ 89/p.p.
€ 267
4 pax
€ 79/p.p.
€ 316
5 pax
€ 72/p.p.
€ 360
6 pax
€ 65/p.p.
€ 390

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The most authentic neighborhood in Rome

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