Never buy little bottles of water in the small kiosks in the center

The water coming from the small fountains in Rome is drinkable everywhere. Yes, you have read it well, do not do that skeptical face please! Believe me, the water is drinkable for everybody, locals and tourists. Explore the city bringing a bottle that you can fill every time you feel thirsty. The city is filled with small fountains and the water is always cool (and I really mean it, even in summer!)

Do not bath in the fountains!

Even if temperature is super hot and you are literally melting, please refrain from bathing in the fountains. Please do not even just put your feet in them, it is forbidden. I am also sure you do not want to get fined by the local police (another good reason to avoid that I suppose!). Use a small fountain to get refreshed instead.

Stay away from tourist traps

Rome is beautiful but like in every touristic city there are traps to be avoided. As a general rule, avoid places where they sell touristic menus at inviting prices, they will certainly charge you with something else (very pricey) at the end. Also avoid places where they invite from outside to get in. A good place does not need waiters standing outside to invite customers in. Stay away as well from restaurants where the menu is written outside in English. A top suggestion for you: Go in places where there are only Italians, the more they are around you, the better is the food.

Do not rent a car in Rome!

When you are in Rome, be ready to walk. You not only get much better the vibrancy of the city but you can see places you would miss if renting a car. Cars cannot go everywhere in the center and most importantly… have you seen how the Romans drive? Are you sure you want to venture in such a jungle of cars? Oh, I was forgetting… parking in the center of Rome sometimes is like winning a lottery. So, walk, take the metro, a bus or a taxi (the official white ones of course).

Do not wait to cross the street

Let’s put it this way, Romans drive a bit like crazy. Have you noticed that? When crossing the street do not be hesitant but be instead very determined. When you are on the edge of the street to cross and you see that there is enough space between you and the next car coming… go! Believe in what you are doing (which is crossing the street!) and you will see that magically the car will stop without hitting you. In Rome drivers do not like to run over people (!) but they will not stop for you unless you cross the street self-confidently.

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