Rome has plenty of panoramic spots and the view of the city you can have from those places is simply breath-taking. No matter if you want to enjoy a romantic sunset (or a sunrise if you are an early bird!) or if you want to shoot some memorable photos, the view from the following places is unforgettable.

Pincio terrace

It is in the Borghese Gardens, facing Piazza del Popolo. Ideal for a romantic moment and unmissable at sunset.

Campidoglio terrace

Not many tourists know it but from the coffee place in the Capitoline Museums there is a fantastic view. The even more interesting thing is that you don’t need to access (and pay the ticket of) the Capitoline Museums but you can go there for free! The exact address is Piazzale Caffarelli, 4 . Check their website:

From the Gianicolo hill

A classic viewpoint even for the Romans. When the sky is clear you can even see hills and mountains surrounding Rome. Don’t expect to see St. Peter’s Basilica though, that is kind of behind you.

Orange Garden

This is probably my preferite one. It is located exactly on the opposite side of the Janiculum hill (so this time you can indeed see St. Peter’s Basilica!), it is never very crowded and the small park called Orange Garden is very pretty and well kept. Located on top of the Aventine Hill. A must.

Lo Zodiaco (the Zodiac) at Monte Mario

Grab a taxi and ask the driver to take you to the panoramic terrace called lo Zodiaco on top of Monte Mario. That is the highest point of Rome and from there you can enjoy a comprehensive and beautiful view of the whole city. Recommended at night.

Trinità dei Monti terrace

From the top of the Spanish Steps (where there is the obelisk) the view is enchanting. You are a bit above the roofs of many places but high enough to enjoy a spectacular view. Anytime of the day is fine but at sunset is better.

Rinascente rooftop garden

This shopping mall has been recently opened and it is interesting not only because in the basement you can see what it has been found during the construction of this place (many ruins of an ancient aqueduct beautifully explained with a light show in both Italian and English) but also because of the rooftop garden. No need to buy or consume anything at the bar, simply go there and enjoy the view! The address is Via del Tritone, 61.

So far the free options. If you want to spend a few euros these other places I can recommend you are wonderful as well, if not better!

The dome of St. Peter’s Basilica

This is highest manmade point in Rome and if I suggest you this place there is a valid reason. The view is truly unforgettable. You can see Rome at your feet and when the sky is clear you can even see the sea! Since the view is so beautiful it can be also very crowded. Go there as soon as they open, buy the ticket to take the lift (highly recommended option) and be ready to walk within the dome projected by Michelangelo. A few minutes walking up narrow stairs that will be compensated by one of the most beautiful views of your life. Do not go if you are claustrophobic, the passages inside the structure of the dome are very narrow and there is no escape or way to go back once you start climbing.

The roof of the Vittoriano monument

Since 2007 there are a couple of lifts which take you directly on the top of this controversial yet very loved monument (especially by tourists). The view from up there is highly spectacular as you are literally in the middle of the center of Rome.

Panoramic terrace from the Palatine Hill

Why not combining history with a stunning view? The best way is to go on top of Palatine Hill (Horti Farnesiani section) and enjoy the best view of the Roman Forum and part of the center of Rome.

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